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Epson Projector with Case and included remotes and cables.

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12th of March 2018 at 7:19 PM
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Used Epson projector in good working condition, going to need the bulb replaced in the future as the current bulb is near the end of it’s life cycle.

The good news is the replacement bulb can be purchased online for a reasonable price.

Originally purchased this projector for my home theater but since gotten a new one. I have used this projector for birthday parties for video games for kids and outside on the patio for movie night hooked up to a DVD player or laptop also to watch Netflix or YouTube videos this is an older model high end projectors at the time of purchase somewhere around $1000.00 .

This projector does not t have HDMI but there are adapters online available these days and they work great with laptops using the included cable.

HDMI Adapters available at
VGA to HDMI Converter Adapter 1080P Video Output, Audio Cable and Micro USB Cable

PoweerLite S4

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